Wonder Woman

A DC Forever Title – by Miranda Sparks

The Cast

Wonder Woman
Diana Prince, women’s studies professor at a Los Angeles university; born from clay, raised by Amazons, chosen to be an ambassador of peace by her people, and a superhero. After years in the “world of men”, Diana seeks to find peace with her identity as an “American” hero; an identity born from a place she never thought she would consider home. She also has a soft spot for Oreo ice cream.

Wonder Girl
Mikayla Williams, twelve years old, chosen by Zeus to become Wonder Girl despite being transgender, though Zeus was unaware of the fact at the time. She is very determined not to live a conventional life, and her greatest strength is in acknowledging fear and overcoming. Also, she likes cats.

Queen Hippolyta
Immortal queen of the Amazons for three thousand years, mother of Diana, loyal servant of the gods, and highly wary of the world of men. Though she does not want to interfere with her daughter’s autonomy she worries if Diana doesn’t write home often enough.

Lindsay Shaw
A student in Diana’s women’s studies class and member of a study group that Diana personally tutors, Lindsay is a die-hard Wonder Woman fangirl but strongly denies the fact. At this point in her twenty year old life she feels like a failure for having not found a romantic partner of any kind, and in the face of family pressure is terrified she might never have actually wanted one.

Rachel Tong
Another member of the study group which Diana tutors, Rachel is a feminist activist who is critical of the idea that Diana, a woman who has grown without the oppression of patriarchy, is as qualified to teach women’s studies as a woman who hasn’t. Despite this she has tremendous respect for Diana and the positive message she sends to girls of the world.

Aiden Romero
Also a student in Diana’s class, Aiden is a young trans man raised by a single father and two older brothers who still feels strong ties to his history as a ‘butch lesbian’. Though he wants to be excited about learning under Wonder Woman he feels threatened by Diana in a way that he cannot explain.

Jacinta Gomez
Perhaps Diana’s most eager student, Jacinta is always early to class, is always sitting in the front row of the lecture hall (and probably would be anyway even if her disability weren’t a factor) and always has a million questions to ask when class is over. She’s been Aiden’s best friend since pre-school, and was the first to suggest they sign up for the class since Diana was announced as a lecturer at the end of the previous semester.


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